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Dreamy island for a unique Bachelorette party


In a woman’s life, there are moments that remain etched in her memory and heart. One of them is her Bachelorette Party, which marks the beginning of a new chapter. As your wedding day approaches, you are closer to finding a great Bachelorette destination where you can relax, have fun and create unforgettable memories. Below, you will find the ideal Greek islands to which SEAJETS will take you for this special period of your life!


Along the blue-green shores of the Aegean, lies one of Greece’s most charming islands, Paros. With its enchanting blue and white villages, beaches with crystal clear waters, cosmopolitan aura, and vibrant nightlife, Paros is the ultimate destination for an unforgettable Bachelorette Party. Its two largest villages, Parikia and Naoussa, offer numerous options in nightclubs for endless hours of entertainment. It is a Cycladic island that combines romance with wild moments.If you visit Paros, you must organize a day cruise and have a party on the boat! It is also an opportunity to escape to Antiparos, which is a small gem of the Cyclades. This place offers peace, but also wild revelry depending on your mood!

Choose between our mltiple routes and travel from Athens to Paros in just 2.15′.


Mykonos could not be missing from this list. This island is known for its frenetic rhythms, luxury, and variety of activities. With rich options for entertainment, food, and drink, Mykonos promises to make your Bachelorette Party an unforgettable experience full of glitz and fun. There, you will find luxurious accommodation options and a multitude of alternatives at your fingertips. Spend your mornings at endless beach parties, then embark on a culinary journey to excellent restaurants offering a range of local dishes or international flavors. Enjoy the colorful sunset and continue with dancing and feasting.

Travel from Athens to Mykonos in just 2.35‘. Choose between our multiples daily routes.


Sifnos, with its authentic charm and the atmosphere of peace that permeates every corner, is an ideal destination for your Bachelorette Party, promising relaxation and well-being. The Cycladic elements and elegance characterize this magical island. Here, you can unwind in traditional taverns, soak up the sun and sea, and discover your ultimate inner peace. On this island, you will take a pleasant break from your everyday life. Indulge in delicious, high-quality flavors at candlelit restaurants with unique views, creating a magical setting. From luxury villas and boutique hotels to traditional taverns and modern beach bars, the options are endless. In Sifnos, you can relax by luxurious swimming pools and have fun with cocktails and music, creating unforgettable moments with your favorite girlfriends.

Travel daily from Athens to Sifnos in just 2.30′.


This Sporades island promises you unique and unforgettable experiences. It is an island that has everything and stands out mainly for the way it combines the rich natural landscape with the blue-green seas. It is a destination for those who seek intense summer entertainment in the most famous bars and clubs of the island. If you want to do something different, visit sea caves with a small boat near Lalaria, Strofylia Lake, and Koukounaries beach. You will also be impressed by a walk in the Medieval town of Skiathos, with its stone alleys and unique traditional mansions. The weather in Skiathos is usually favorable, allowing you to explore the island by boat, which is one of the most exciting experiences. This way, you will also discover beaches that are not accessible by road.

Visit Skiathos from Volos or Mantoudi (Evia), 2 hours away from Athens.

Regardless of the destination you choose, what matters are the memories you will create. SEAJETS will take you to any magical island you choose for an unforgettable Bachelorette Party. So, let’s set sail for this trip that you will remember forever!