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Skopelos is a part of the Sporades that will enchant you with its impressive pine forests, beaches with emerald waters and picturesque villages. 67% of its area is covered by virgin pine forest. This is a green island, where the pines almost touch the dreamy shores. Skopelos has countless magical corners to discover and it is no coincidence that the producers of Hollywood chose this place to shoot «Mamma Mia!». However, apart from its unique landscapes, Skopelos is also known for its delicious flavors. No one can resist the famous twisted cheese pie with the local goat cheese.



Walk around the enchanting green Skopelos and live like you are playing in Hollywood, singing the great songs of Abba!



Chora is the central settlement and capital of the island, which is amphitheatrically built with traditional houses, beautiful alleys and scattered churches and it fascinates every visitor. At the top is the Castle of Skopelos, where the view is breathtaking!


The second largest settlement of Skopelos is built on the hill above the port of Loutraki with a stunning view. It has been described as "balcony of the Aegean". Glossa is a village that has many olive trees, almond trees, plums and springs with running water. Wandering in the narrow cobbled alleys is always enjoyable with the locals remaining faithful to the traditions and culture of the village. It is very possible to meet women in traditional costumes and dresses.


This popular beach has fine sand and rocks at every end. The pine trees embrace this beach and the beauty of this scenery is impeccable. Kastani is an organized beach and there are all the necessary amenities. Its water is crystal clear and is one of the most famous coasts of the island. Most of the scenes of "Mamma Mia" were filmed on this splendid beach.


Milia is for many the most beautiful beach of the island. It is an exotic beach with transparent turquoise water, fine pebbles. And endless pine trees. A row of rocks naturally divides the coast in half and is great for snorkeling. This beach has a spectacular view to the island of Dassia. The sunset from this location offers one of the most enchanting sceneries.


The Holy Monastery of Evangelistria is one of the many surviving Byzantine monuments in Skopelos. The Monastery was built in 1712 and there are preserved the catholic and the fortress. Inside the Monastery there are valuable icons of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine period, the iconostasis was constructed in Constantinople and is made of gold leaf. It is a quiet place that has panoramic view of the port and Skopelos and an impressive feeling of calmness showers all those who visit this Monastery.


The Folklore Museum of Skopelos is located in Chora and is housed in a restored mansion of the 18th century. This is a place that will take you back in time and through it, you will approach the cultural richness of the island. It's a picture of what households were like in the last century. The collections of the Folklore Museum include traditional hand-made embroidery, traditional costumes and the bride's clothes with their exceptional details. The ground floor contains the living room and the fireplace. The furniture is handmade, wood-carved and it completes the majesty of the settlement. On the second floor is the bridal bedroom with all the bridal clothes and the baby’s crib. The basement is covered with a collection of everyday objects.


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