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A beautiful city full of life waiting to be explored! In Volos you will find everything you need. This impressive city spreads out at the foot of Pelion and is characterized by the delicious tastes at the famous “tsipouradika”. All visitors are enchanted by the combination of mountain and the wonderful sea. This city’s pace, the old neighborhoods and terrific gastronomy make it one of the country’s most popular destinations for all seasons! On the beach of Volos you will take one of the most beautiful walks. You will walk as you enjoy the scenery with fishing boats and sailboats tearing up the sea.



A beautiful city full of life waiting to be explored! I […]



The legendary mountain of the Centaurs rises imposingly above Volos. Pelion is a magical mountain with forests of oaks and plane trees. In the autumn, many colors compose a vivid painting and in the winter, Pelion gives impressive images with snow-capped mountain peaks. On the other hand, summer generously offers exotic sandy beaches and rocky shores. In this place, nature rages. Paths immersed in nature, green waters and villages like balconies are gazing at all this miracle of nature.


At Pelion's roller coaster you can take a special and mythical route on the beautiful slopes of the mountain. The most picturesque train of the Greek railway tradition, Moutzouris, will take you on a journey both figuratively and literally. The length of the route is 16 kilometers with a duration of approximately 90-95 minutes. On this route you will enjoy in peace this unique experience and the view from Ano Lechonia to the station in Milies. This historic route has a lifespan of over 110 years and is one of the narrowest railway lines in the world!


This majestic beach of Pelion has wild beauty and is a beach that you should definitely visit at least once in your life! The imposing steep rocks and the beach with the blue-green waters are rightly considered one of the hidden charismatic corners of Pelion. Going down near the beach, you will discover an incredible secret. There is a chapel hidden inside the rock. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is called the "hidden school”.


Mylopotamos is one of the most famous beaches of Pelion. This impressive beach is divided in the middle by a stone arch. This setting combined with the golden sand, the white pebbles, the transparent turquoise waters and the dense green of the mountain, compose an effect reminiscent of the Caribbean! It is a dreamy beach surrounded by greenery that has been photographed by many international magazines.


This hidden treasure is located outside the village of Portaria and gives you the impression that you are living a fairy tale. The Centaurs’ path is a short, but heavenly route that will enchant you with the lush vegetation of plane trees and the music of the water from the ravine. In this place, the soul of its visitors is soothed, as they contact with the impressive diversity of nature.


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