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The pitch black volcanic stone joins with the endless blue of the Aegean Sea,
to create a landscape of unparalleled beauty, on one of the most famous islands in the world, Santorini. The sunset views from the Caldera, the varied beaches and the wonderful traditional settlements offer the visitor a unique experience.



From the magical sunsets of Oia to the famous Red Beach, Santorini is a beauty of an island from coast to coast.



The most famous village of the Caldera and the best spot to enjoy the sunset. A walk in the streets of Oia reveals the unique architecture of the rock-cut houses with their whitewashed arches. At the water’s edge, there are plenty of options for fresh fish and ouzo, with spectacular views of the sea and the sun setting.


One of the most significant archaeological sites of the Aegean, Akrotiri includes unique finds dating back to the Late Neolithic Era (4th millennium BC). Excavations at this point indicate the existence of a large settlement, which was one of the most important urban centers. The remnants of this ancient civilization can be found in the Museum of Prehistoric Thera.


With the old tomato factory and its huge flue gas stacks as a landmark, and with pitch black volcanic pebbles, Perivolos beach is one of the most characteristic beaches of the island. Along the long shore, there are sun loungers and umbrellas, beach volleyball courts as well as several beach bars and taverns.


The distinctive morphology of Red Beach, which has made it famous, is a true attraction. The huge volcanic rocks and the fine reddish pebbles from where it derives its name, make up a rare natural landscape. It is accessible on foot or by boat from Akrotiri, Perissa and Kamari.


Built on the edge of the Caldera cliffs, at the highest point, Imerovigli offers breathtaking views of the volcano of Thera. It is only 3 km away from the center of the island, Fira, and is accessible from the main road or from the old path. In Imerovigli, there are luxurious hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants, ideal for moments of fun and relaxation, with the enchanting scenery in the background.


A stroll to the famous, active volcano of Santorini with a history of 2.5 million years is a must. Nea Kameni, as it is called, has the largest crater and can be visited from the old harbor by boat. Here, you will explore the unique natural environment created by volcanic activity and you will also have the opportunity to swim in the hot springs.


Santorini has a long-standing tradition of winemaking and tasting. In the vineyards of the island thrive unique varieties of grapes that produce some of the finest wines in the world. Visit one of the traditional wineries in the villages of Vothona and Pyrgos to learn more about the history of wine, to taste excellent wines such as the famous Vinsanto and Asyrtiko and to taste the delicious local delicacies.


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