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According to Regulation (EU) No 576/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council, each passenger may travel with up to 5 pets, which are owned by them and sufficiently vaccinated, each with its own health passport. Please note that the maximum number per reservation is 5 pets.

Pets weighing up to 10 kg are transported using a carrier and remain in the area where their owner is located. Animals over 10 kg are required to use the special kennels. Therapy, assistance and service animals travel with their owner and are required to be muzzled and leashed. All ships have special accommodation for pets and our conventional ships offer special cabins (PET cabins). For reasons of hygiene, pets are not allowed to stay in other cabins (except PET cabins), bars, restaurants and indoor areas of the ship.

Unaccompanied pets are not accepted.

  • - By making an online booking on our website
  • - By contacting our call centre (+30) 210 710 77 10.
  • - From our company's main central agency at 16th of Akti Poseidonos, 18531, Piraeus.
  • - From the company's main ticket offices at Gate E9 before your departure.
  • - At one of our 1,000 partner travel agencies in Greece and abroad.

We recommend that passengers provide the issuing agency with their telephone number (preferably mobile phone) when issuing tickets, so that they can be notified in case of an emergency, e.g. prohibition of departure, bad weather, etc.

Pursuant to PD 102/2019 (A΄ 182), the provisions of PD 23/1999 “Registration of persons travelling on board passenger ships operating to or from Greek ports in accordance with Directive 98/41/EC/1998” are amended.

Therefore, in order to enable the registration of persons on board in accordance with the legislation, the following passenger data must be compulsorily recorded when booking/issuing tickets:

- Surname

- First Name (in full)

- Gender 

- Nationality 

- Date of Birth (HH/MM/YY) 

In addition, the agency should be provided with the necessary information for persons requiring special care or assistance in case of an emergency.

  • - You can visit our website and issue your tickets electronically from the comfort of your home or office, provided you do not have printed tickets. Web Check-in is available from 48 to 2 hours before the departure of the ferry. Enter the reservation code and the last name of one of the passengers and select Check-in. Immediately after checking in, you will receive your boarding passes either by email or on your smartphone, in the form of a Mobile Boarding Pass. You can then print them out at no extra charge or board the ship by showing your e-ticket via any mobile device.
  • - Alternatively, you can print your tickets through our local authorised port agents at the port ( at least 1 hour before your departure by showing your reservation and your ID card or Passport (before every departure of our ships, all of our ticket offices and the ticket offices of our central agents are open at the port). There may be a small charge for the printing of the tickets by the agent, which does not apply to tickets issued at the SEAJETS ticket offices in Piraeus.
  • - In addition, for tickets purchased through the company's booking engine,, there is the option to have them sent to you via courier service with an additional charge to the address you provided during the booking process.

Passengers must:

a) be at the embarkation area at least half (1/2) an hour before departure,
b) bring their vehicle to the loading area one (1) hour before departure.
The driver is required to load and unload their vehicle. The vehicles’ passengers are required to disembark from the vehicles before they are loaded on board. The order of priority for loading the vehicles is determined by the Port Regulations of each Port Authority in whose area the loading is taking place.

There is no common answer for all cases. However, for flights departing from Athens (El. Venizelos Airport), it is advisable to allow at least four (4) hours from the estimated time of arrival at the port to the time of departure of the flight.

For arrivals at intermediate ports where the transit time from the port to the airport is usually much shorter, it is advisable to allow at least 2-3 hours.

You can simply purchase the Internet Access service at most of our vessels' bars on-board. The cost of the Internet Access service is three euros and is available for three hours.


In case of lost tickets, the company must be informed before the departure of the ferry either by phone [(+30) 210 7107710] or by e-mail ([email protected]). In order to travel, the passenger must purchase a new ticket and then report the loss in writing to the company, indicating the date of the trip, the route, the number of the lost ticket, the number of the new ticket purchased and providing a photocopy of said ticket. Unless it is corroborated in the Company's records that the lost ticket has not been used within one (1) month of the travel date, the Company issues a free ticket of equal value to that of the lost ticket.

  • - Tickets can only be cancelled through the issuing agencies.
  • - Tickets cannot be cancelled by telephone, fax or email. Interested parties must hand in the tickets to the issuing agency.
  • - Tickets issued by the company's online booking system and which have not been printed can be cancelled even via e-mail at [email protected], as long as the e-mail is sent by the e-mail address indicated in the booking form.
  • - Cancelled tickets are refunded by the issuing agency, up to 1 year from the date of cancellation of the tickets, and by the locally cooperating central agencies in exceptional cases.

Tickets can be cancelled with a full refund up to 14 days prior to departure (14 full 24-hour days).

Up to 14 days before departure: Full refund

Up to 7 days before departur: 75% refund

 Up to 12 hours before departure: 50% refund

NO refund for cancellations made less than 12 hours before departure.

Tickets can be converted to open-date tickets at least 12 hours before departure. For our conventional ships, tickets can be converted to open-date tickets up to 4 hours before departure. There is no extra charge for converting tickets to open-date tickets.

No. Open-date tickets can be replaced with tickets for another date on any of our routes, depending on the availability.

Open tickets are valid for one year from the date of their conversion to open-date tickets.

Open tickets cannot be cancelled and no partial or full refunds are possible.

Tickets that have replaced open-date tickets cannot be cancelled or converted to open-date tickets.

During the process of replacing open tickets, the fare difference is not refundable. However, if the new ticket is more expensive, the difference is paid by the passenger.

To convert a printed ticket to an open-date ticket, it is necessary to present the ticket to the issuing agency at any of our central agencies. If a ticket replacement is requested and the ticket has not been printed, an email request to the ticket issuing agency is sufficient (if the ticket is of the same or lower value).

People with reduced mobility can travel on all our ferries. Information must be provided upon boarding the ship and, if there is a major disability, the company must be informed before the journey.

The Company grants discounts to passengers in accordance with the following commercial policy:

  • INFANTS up to 1 year old are issued an infant ticket ("boarding pass infant"), paying no fare. Not valid on the Company's conventional ships.
  • CHILDREN up to 5 years old are issued an infant ticket with a seat at zero fare, Platinum seats excluded.
  • CHILDREN from 5 to 10 years old have a 50% discount on all seats.

The following discounts are not available through the company's booking engine, only through partner agencies and the company's main ticket offices or our call centre +30 210 710 7 710.

  • LARGE FAMILIES are offered a 50% discount in Economy Class.
  • FAMILIES WITH THREE CHILDREN are offered a 20% discount in Economy Class only on the Piraeus - Serifos - Sifnos - Milos route and the return trip.
  • Permanent residents of Serifos - Sifnos - Milos get a 20% discount only on the Piraeus - Serifos - Sifnos - Milos route and the return trip.
  • SPECIAL DISCOUNT: 50% discount on all seats for Persons with Disabilities with a disability rate of 80% or higher and their companions.
  • PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES’ PRIVATE CARS are offered a 50% discount.
  • STUDENTS are offered a 50% discount in Economy Class.

Applies to students of public Greek universities, as well as students of the Open Greek University.

  • SEAMEN’S PENSION FUND PENSIONERS get a 50% discount in Economy Class.

The issuance of low-income tickets is valid after the sending of a certificate by the respective port authority.

  • Port officials in active employment are entitled to discount tickets only if they are travelling on official business.

Our company normally accepts military boarding passes on all vessels, but no special discounts are granted for security forces.

Passengers entitled to a discount must declare this when booking their seats and show all necessary supporting documents both when the respective discount tickets are issued and upon boarding the ship. Once the ticket has been issued, no fare difference will be refunded

Passengers can carry hand luggage weighing up to 50 kg or 1 cubic metre.

Unaccompanied baggage is only accepted on our contracted ships and on the ships operating under a public service contract. Unaccompanied baggage cannot be sent on other high-speed vessels.

 The travelling of minors who have reached the age of 15 to 18 years, unaccompanied by a parent or guardian, is allowed under the following conditions:

Completion of a Solemn Declaration by the parent or legal guardian of the minor, with the authenticity of their signature certified by the Police or Port Authority.

For boarding the ship, the minor passenger must have the original Declaration together with their ticket, as well as their Identity Card to confirm their identity.

In any case, the parent or legal guardian of the minor passenger is fully responsible for the timely acquisition and validation of the Solemn Declaration, as well as all accompanying documents that may be required at the port of departure.

The company is not responsible in any case if, due to insufficient documents and/or identification certificates, boarding is not allowed by the competent officers of the ship or the Port Authorities.

Relevant declarations are available from the company, via e-mail: [email protected], as well as at the local port offices of the company.

In the context of the implementation of the current legislative framework (article 18 § 7 of Law 4830/2021 / Greek Government Gazette Vol. A' 169/18.09.2021), passengers travelling with pets, therapy or service animals must necessarily declare this when booking/issuing their tickets, in order to be recorded in the electronic booking system and to be issued with zero fare tickets for the animals.

Issuing a ticket on board is not permitted. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, passengers should make reservations and issue tickets in advance.

At present, you cannot make pet reservations and issue tickets through our website. Please contact our call centre [(+30) 210 710 7710] if you have pre-paid tickets that have not been printed or our local port agencies if you have printed tickets.

In order to be able to register the animals on board, it is mandatory to issue tickets for them and the following information must be indicated on the tickets:

  • “Animal Health Passport Number or Passport Number”
  • “Animal identification number”
  • "Animal category" (e.g. Pet, Therapy, Service)*
  • "Animal Size" (Large > 10 Kg or Small <= 10 Kg)

In addition, passengers/pet companions should always carry the animal's recently updated health passport and be responsible for its care, safety and hygiene during the journey.

The company is not responsible for the safekeeping of your personal belongings, unless they have been given for safekeeping to the ship's accounting department. Valuable items can be handed over to the responsible Officers of the ship for safekeeping.

Luggage must be placed in special areas on board the ship, as directed by the crew. Luggage must not contain any valuable items. Valuable items can be handed over to the responsible Officers of the ship for safekeeping.

The carrier shall be liable for damage to or loss of baggage on board the ship only if it is handed over for safekeeping and a receipt is issued. The carrier shall not be liable for the loss of money, valuables or luggage in the public areas of the ship or in their vehicles.

Passengers who have lost or found an item are kindly requested to inform the ship's reception desk immediately during the journey and by all means before disembarking from the ship. For any information after disembarkation, please contact the company's Headquarters, Customer Service Department, tel.: (+30) 210 710 7710, e-mail: [email protected].

In case of cancellation due to adverse weather conditions, no compensation is given, but the full fare of the ticket is refunded. No compensation will be given for the delay, interruption, cancellation or modification of the itinerary if it is due to reasons of public order and safety, compliance with legislation or orders of the competent authority. If departure is delayed due to technical issues, damage to the ship or through the fault of the company in general, the passenger may withdraw their claim and the price of the passenger and vehicle ticket shall be paid as compensation, unless the delay is shorter than 90 minutes.

The primary goal of our company is to continuously improve the services provided to our customers. Effective complaint management is of paramount importance as it helps us correct errors and processes, holding us accountable and helping us improve. By properly managing complaints, we strive to ensure that we provide quality services.

You can communicate your complaints:

By email, by sending an email to [email protected]

 By filling in the Contact Form available on the official SEAJETS website

By filling in the special complaint form available at our local central port agencies.

By completing the special complaint form during the journey.

All seats on the company's high-speed vessels have numbered airline seats.

The high-speed vessels are closed-type ships and the seating categories are:

  • - Silver Class (These are airline seats that represent our economy class)
  • - Club Class (These are airline seats located in a lounge with more amenities, a better position on the ship and with fewer passengers)
  • - Platinum Class (This is the highest class available, with comfortable airline seats located in a lounge with more amenities and more privacy)

Conventional ships offer the following seat categories:

  • - Economy Class (deck) (These are seats in the lounges of the economy class and the outside spaces of the ship)
  • - Numbered airline seats
  • - First Class (These are seats in a lounge with more amenities, in a better location on board and with fewer passengers)
  • - Cabins (Inside/Outside)

Of course! You can upgrade your seat category on board, depending on the availability.

We only accept unaccompanied vehicles aboard the company's conventional vessels and on subsidised routes.

We can accept all types of Campers, minivans, coaches and trucks on our conventional vessels. However, we only accept passenger vehicles on our high-speed ferries.

Coaches can board all of our conventional ferries, as well as the TERA JET.

All of our company's ships reach the new port of Tourlos.

All our ships depart from gate E9 in Piraeus.

You can fill in the application form on-line and become a member on our website (

No actual card is issued, only a digital card.

Your points are recorded on your membership card when you board the ferry and only if the journey takes place. If your trip is cancelled, the points are not credited on the spot but when the trip is finally completed. The same applies to open-date tickets.

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