The most northerly island of the Cyclades, the unexplored Andros does not look like any other. Rich vegetation, rivers and waterfalls, watermills, traditional villages and some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.


Visit the castle of Faneromeni, the village of Stenies and the famous beach of Grias To Pidima (The Leap of the Old Woman), among others.



The so-called Upper Castle or Faneromeni Castle, at an altitude of 600 meters. Built by the Venetians for protection against pirates, it was the largest medieval city of Andros. Today, the ruins of houses, aqueducts and the small church of Faneromeni still exist.


Within walking distance from Chora, you will find the beautiful mansion village of Stenies, village of the captains of the island. Here you will pass by the stone bridge of Leontos, you will admire the 17th-century Bishop-Mouvelas tower, the factory and the old pasta factory with the largest watermill in the Balkans.


Prepare for an adventure in one of the first caves discovered in Greece. In the village of Aladinou, 4km from Chora, the tour starts through a paved cobbled path and the old bridge, built in 1680m. X. The Foros cave extends to 150m where you will explore chambers decorated with stalactites and stalagmites in a magical experience.


In the northeast of the island Achla Beach is characterized as one of the most beautiful. The access by boat starts at the port of Nimborio. Here, the Achla River flows out, while a lush forest of plane trees spreads behind the sandy beach.


One of the most recognizable locations of the island, the beach of Tis Grias to Pidima is located 23 km from Andros Town near Korthi. The characteristic giant rock that rises through the sea and the stunning blue-green waters make up a beach of exceptional beauty, definitely worth visiting.


With a bit of difficult access from a dirt road, Pyrgos Beach rewards its guests with a landscape of unique beauty. The untouched beach, with its white sand and clear waters, hides another attraction, the Castle of Macrotallos, as it is known, an impressive monument of Venetian architecture


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