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It is the volcanic and unexplored island of the Northeast Aegean. Limnos consists of beautiful traditional settlements, unique landscapes with volcanic rocks, golden beaches and rare archaeological sites. This island with its impressive features and its special cuisine, will be a unique destination for your holidays.



From the geological phenomenon Ammothines and Falakra to Myrina, the beauties of Lemnos will impress every visitor.



The capital and port of Lemnos is the historical Myrina. Your first acquaintance with the island will be in Myrina and it will give you unique picturesque images. The traditional cobbled streets with mansions adorned with plane trees and eucalyptus compose a representative image of the island's history. It is worth wandering through the alleys and going up to the Castle where, if you are lucky, you can see the beautiful view in the company of the deer that live there freely. In Romeikos Gialos with its traditional two-floor houses and the paved beach, you will take one of the most romantic walks.


It is one of the rarest natural phenomena that one encounters in Greece. The Sands of Lemnos are a "desert" in the interior of the island. It is a sandy area of ​​about 70 acres and is located in the area of ​​Gomati. Ammothines are an extremely rare and otherworldly landscape and nature is fully responsible about that. It is a miniature of the desert that attracts more and more the lovers of nature's curiosities. The unusual sight of the golden sand mountains against the blue sea enchants the visitors.


The Blue Flag awarded beach of Agios Ioannis is one of the favorite beaches of the visitors and especially popular with clear waters. At one end of the beach there are large imposing volcanic rocks. Characteristic of the beach are the fine pebbles and its crystal waters. Its busiest part which is full of beach bars will give you a feeling of exotic luxury.


It is the only church in the whole world that is without a roof. It is located on the top of Mount Kakavos, inside a cave. It is undoubtedly one of the top locations on the island. It is estimated that ascetics from 1305 chose the place of Kakavos to practice asceticism and glorify the Virgin Mary. It is highly atmospheric and offers a unique experience to its visitors.


The Greek city that is considered the oldest European city. According to the excavation data, the settlement was born at the turn of the 4th to the 3rd millennium BC. on the east coast of the island, opposite the city of Troy. Of the building remains, those of the Yellow Period are the best preserved. Two of the most important buildings that were discovered in Polyohni have been dated to the Blue period. This is the so-called "Vouleutirion" and the community "Sitapothiki". When there was a problem related to the city, the residents would gather in a space with stone benches to find solutions. This place is the "Vouleutirion". The "Sitapothiki" was the place where goods were stored. Polyohni is a point of reference for the entire Aegean and is definitely worth a visit!


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