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Known for its harbor, where boats sail for the islands, Piraeus actually has much more to offer than a station for other destinations.
Attractions, unique museums, archaeological sites and scenic marinas, in a city full of liveliness and charm.



It may just look like the beginning of your adventure but do not underestimate it. Kastela, Mikrolimano and the Bay of Zea will convince you that Piraeus is more than just a port.



One of the most beautiful districts of the city, Kastela is famous for the 19th century neoclassical villas that adorn the hill and the splendid panoramic view of the sea and the sunset. On top of it, you will find the chapel of Prophet Elias and the famous Veakio Theater.


Beautiful and picturesque, Mikrolimano is aligned with taverns and bars literally on the sea. For fresh fish and seafood or for meat, there are no wrong options here. Later in the Nautical Club for a drink with a unique view.


The ancient harbor of Zea, also known as Pasalimani, is an idyllic marina, ideal for strolling sea views and sailing boats.
Along the marina there are many options for coffee and food.



It is the largest Maritime Museum in Greece and it was founded in 1949. The Maritime Museum presents, through innumerable exhibits, the evolution of the great Greek navy from prehistory to the present day.


It is part of the famous Long Walls, which were built between 461-455 BC. and connected the ancient Athens with Piraeus. Today, the ruins are preserved in a fairly good condition and constitute a unique historical document of the city's great history.


The port of Piraeus is the largest in Greece and has easy access by car and public transport. Gate E9 from where the Seajets high speed boats depart: Seajet2, Champion Jet 1, Andros Jet and Super Jet, is located on the left side of the main entrance and just a few minutes away from the train station. In the area around the port you will find the excellent shopping market of Piraeus with stores, restaurants and cafes.


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