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An atmospheric city that stands in the shade of a medieval castle and combines remarkable Venetian architecture with the rich nature and blue of the Cretan Sea. The historic Rethymnon invites you to discover its endless beauties.



Don’t miss Fortezza, Neratze Mosque, Rimondi Fountain and so many other sights that will elevate your visit to Rethymnon.



The Venetian fortress of the 16th century defends the city of Rethymnon and is an admirable work of art. Some of the sights that you will see here are the Episcopal Palace, the Sultan Ibrahim Khan Mosque and the restored residence of the Venetian commander, and if you are fortunate, you can come across the impressive Renaissance Festival, hosted here every year.


An old Venetian building, which became a soap factory in the 20th century, today houses the Museum of Modern Art of Crete. It is located in the center of the old town of Rethymnon and, apart from its new exhibitions, it has a permanent collection of 650 contemporary works by Greek artists from 1950 until today.


One of the most characteristic and impressive landmarks of Rethymnon is the tall minaret that overlooks the city. Formerly a Catholic church, it was converted into an Islamic mosque in 1646 by Gazi Delhi Hussein Pasha. Nowadays, the Neratze mosque functions as a conservatory.


Another sight you should not miss is the Rimondi Fountain. The ornate fountain, built in 1629 by the Venetian commander of the city, is located in Platanos square and steals the show with its Corinthian-style pillars and lion head water spouts.


At a distance of 7 kilometers from Rethymnon, there is a natural oasis and the remnants of two settlements abandoned in the 1970s. Hiking in the verdant gorge of Myli, which hosts rare plant species of the Cretan flora and the ruins of old watermills, is a unique experience, especially in spring and summer, when vegetation is at its peak.


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