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As soon as you arrive at the port, you will understand that this is an island that looks like it has come out of a painting. The two- and three-floor colorful houses with tiles make up a romantic and special setting. This island is located west of Rhodes and has been declared by Unesco as a center of Peace and Friendship. Halki has a unique settlement, enchanting beaches, beautiful landscapes for nature walks, picturesque alleys and delicious food. It is an island that exudes tranquility and is suitable for a relaxing holiday.



The peaceful Halki offers the amphitheatrically built port for walks but endless hours for swimming on the beaches without the crowds of big cities.



Nimporio is the port and the only settlement of the island. As soon as you arrive by boat you will see a scenery that is like a postcard. It is amphitheatrically built around the harbor with neoclassical colored houses that have beautiful courtyards with pebbled floors and impressive designs. There is also a beautiful work of architecture, the stone Clock Tower.


The Old Village at the foothills of the Castle, with the ruins of the old houses and the huge walls, used to be the center of Halki. It was built inside the hill because there was a fear of piracy. The church of Panagia Choriani is also built there and on August 15 there is held one of the most beautiful festivals.


Above the Old Village, the medieval Knights’ Castle dominates. It was built in the 15th century by the Knights of the Order of Saint John of Rhodes. Near the entrance, there is a coat of arms of the Knights on the impressive walls. Inside the castle, the ruined church of Agios Nikolaos is preserved with remains of hagiographies. While, the view of the Aegean, from this point, is amazing.


This beach is the only sandy one on the whole island. It has a large area with a white sandy beach and shallow crystal clear waters. This is the most popular beach of Halki.


The beach at Kania is located north of the center of the island. It is a small beach with exotic, crystal clear waters that has a beach bar and a tavern with many delicacies. Visitors talk about a place they don't want to leave.


Ftenagia is a beautiful and crystal clear beach with pebbles and rocky coves. It is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds and has a unique view of the Aegean and the island of Rhodes.


It is the most impressive attraction of Halki thanks to its impressive bell tower and the unique mosaic-type pebbled courtyard. It has a special interior decoration and a beautiful view of the port.


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